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9th European Scientific Oncology Conference


Thursday, November 3rd 2016

9:00 pm Welcome and Introduction
Hernán Cortés-Funes (Madrid, Spain)
Luis Paz-Ares (Madrid, Spain)
José Antonio López Martín (Madrid, Spain)
9:15 pm Opening Lecture:
9:45-11:25 pm Session 1: Immune Agents I - Sponsored by MSD and MERCK
9:45 pm Anti PD1 Inhibitors: For every patient or only for BMK+ patients?
Luis Paz-Ares (Madrid, Spain)
10:05 pm Biomarkers in Immunotherapy
José Luis Pérez Gracia (Pamplona, Spain)
10:25 pm Tumor Genomics and microbiomes
Dr. Maha Ayyoub (Villejuif, France)
10:45 pm Oncolytic viruses as immunotherapeutic agents, new opportunities for rare cancer with unmet therapetic needs?
Guiseppe Portella (Naples, Italy)
11:05 pm Discussion
11:25 pm Coffee break
12:00- 1:40pm Session 2: Immune Agents II- Sponsored by BMS
12:00 pm IDO Inhibitors
José Antonio López Martín (Madrid, Spain)
12:20 pm Immuno-stimulating agents
Ignacio Melero (Pamplona, Spain)
12:40 pm Bi-specific Mabs
1:00 pm CARTCs in solid tumors
Alfonso Quintás-Cardama (New Jersey, USA)
1:20 pm Discussion
1:40 pm Lunch
2:40 - 4:20pm Session 3: Antibody Drug Conjugates
2:40 pm Rationale and constructions
Gabriel Otero (London, UK)
3:00 pm Antibodies, Antibody-Drug Conjugates and other novel therapies
Richard Baird (Cambridge, UK)
3:20 pm ADC antiPTK7
Emiliano Calvo (Madrid, Spain)
3:40 pm Targeting cancer stroma
Laureano Simón (Bilbao, Spain)
4:00 pm Discussion
4:20 pm Coffee-break
4:40- 6:20pm Session 4: Novel TKIs
4:40 pm Third generation EGFR TKIs and resistance
Jesús Corral (Sevilla, Spain)
5:00 pm Novel Generation ALK
Manuel Cobo (Málaga, Spain)*
5:20 pm ROS/TKR/ RET Inhibitors
Luis Paz-Ares (Madrid, Spain)
5:40 pm Strategies to enhance CNS penetration of systemic therapies
Richard Baird (Cambridge, UK)
6:00 pm Discussion
6:20 pm Adjourn

Friday, November 4th 2016

9:00-10:40 pm Session 5: MET Inhibition
9:00 pm MET/HGF relevance for targeted therapy malignancies
Eric Raymond (Clichy, France)
9.20 pm MET in resistance to TKI
José Manuel Trigo (Málaga, Spain)
9:40 pm MET inhibition in hepatobilliary tract tumors
Sandrine Faivre (Clichy, France)
10:00 pm MET amplification and MET exon 14 mutations
Emiliano Calvo (Madrid, Spain)
10:20 pm Discussion
10:40 pm Coffee break
11:00-12:40 am Session 6: Targeting Difficult Targets I
11:00 pm Ras Family
Alex Adjej (Rochester USA)
11:20 pm Targeting MYC by a new generation of cell penetrating peptides
Laura Soucek (Barcelona, Spain)
11:40 pm CDK inhibitors
Marcos Malumbres (Madrid, Spain)
12:00 pm Targeting tumor suppressor genes?
Amancio Carnero (Sevilla, Spain)
12:20 pm Discussion
12:40 – 2.00 pm Session 7: Targeting Difficult Targets II
12:40 pm MPS1/TTK inhibition: A Novel Approach in Breast Cancer Treatment
Spiros Linardopoulos (London, UK)
1:00 pm BET inhibitors
Eric Raymond (Clichy, France)
1:20 pm DNA repair targets beyond PARP
Ander Urrutikoetxea (San Sebastián, Spain)*
1:40 pm Targeting the RAS-ERK pathway
Antonio Gualberto (La Jolla, USA )
2:00 pm Discussion
2.20 pm Lunch
3:20- 4:40 pm Session 8: Precision Oncology Medicine
3:20 pm How to choose a platform and the best gene panel
Christophe Le Tourneau (Paris, France)
3:40 pm Circulating exosomes, towards the future of liquid biopsy
Héctor Peinado (Madrid, Spain)
4:00 pm Do we need a molecular tumor board?
Christophe Massard (Villejuif, France)
Round table discussion:
Hernán Cortés-Funes (Madrid, Spain)
4:20 pm Discussion
4:40 pm Coffee break
5:00 - 6:40 pm Session 9: Hypoxia and Metabolism
5:00 pm Beyond Rapamycin - Nutrient sensing and mTOR in metabolism and cancer
Alejo Efeyan (Madrid, Spain)
5:20 pm IDH inhibitors
5:40 pm Novel HIF2 inhibitors
Payal Kapur (Dallas, Texas)
6:00 pm Hypoxia in Cancer Therapy
Amancio Carnero (Sevilla, Spain)
6:20 pm Discussion
6:40 pm Closing Lecture
Chairmen: Hernán Cortés-Funes, Luis Paz-Ares, José Antonio López Martín (Madrid, Spain)
Drug Development in the era of targeted therapy and immunotherapy
Alex Adjei (Rochester, USA)
7:00 pm Adjourn

*To be confirmed

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